Electronic/bass producer FlexFab joins forces with Kenyan rapper Ziller Bas to bring the MUGOGO project!

Together, they skillfully deliver a solid and singular mix of modern club African music, bass/electronic and rap. While FlexFab delivers his bewitched-hybrid bass sound 

signature he’s been known for, Ziller Bas raps in his very own dialect called “Sweng Flow” a combination of English, Swahili and his native language the Kigiriama.

The story

The story began in August 2019, when FlexFab was on tour in Eastern Africa.

During a show in the small city of Kilifi on the Kenyan coast,

a local rapper named Ziller Bas insists to rap during FlexFab’s performance. He improvises on a few songs, and 

something magical happens, the chemistry is immediate.

The two artists stay in touch, and six months later, in January 2020, FlexFab returns to Kilifi to record an album

with ZillerBas.

Having a hard-time to find recording materials in town, FlexFab brings along the necessary 

studio equipment and settles in a small house near Kilifi.

Video director Raphaël Piguet (responsible for some of FlexFab’s video clips) joins FlexFab to document this adventure.

It’s in this particular and improvised context that, during 2 weeks of intensive work, they create 14 songs, 3 video clips and a documentary.

The Documentary
Supported by a research trip from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Johannesburg
With the support of: